The Eastleigh By Election

What is happening to this country  ?  Are we trying to stop entrepreneurism and encouraging people to build successful careers?  Well it would seem so if you listen to Nick Clegg & Co. So if he gets real power at the next General Election then he will be sending in to our well earned homes his hit men to tax our art, jewellery and other valuable chattels.  Think seriously Nick.  What would happen?  Your voting electorate would stop buying luxury goods thus creating greater problems in the UK economy.  If he tries to snoop into our insurance policies as some have suggested guess what.  The wise will reduce the amount they insure; again creating negative issues this time in the insurance sector.    I thought we were trying to rebuild the economy  but maybe I have misunderstood.

As Louise Mensch tweeted this must be music to the ears of the wealthy in Eastleigh.

Well done Nick. If the LibDem voters in Eastleigh have seen this you may well have reduced your support in favour of the Conservatives at the By Election this week.  Thank you.

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