Online Recruiting – Is the candidate well served?

Modern technology is fantastic!

Quill pens, reference cards and the like have all disappeared for Recruitment Companies as the computer age has developed during the last 15-20 years.  We all think we are far more efficient and records of clients and candidates are at our fingertips rather than searching through the old card index system. 

Are we correct or disillusioned?

Online recruitment seems to be the way forward but one very major thing has been overlooked – PERSONAL CONTACT.  Do people know how to develop relationships by telephone anymore and then meet on a one to one basis?

Candidates have a big issue with this new methodology as they almost never get to speak to someone and rarely know why they have not been successful in their application or sometimes even after interviews.  A very common complaint I hear from candidates is that they feel frustrated that they never know anything about their application.  This MUST be wrong.  We owe it to the candidate to help them find their new role and if we don’t nurture the relationship trust in our ability to produce will disappear as will our reputation.

It is not only recruitment companies who are guilty of this but some Corporates who prefer to save recruitment fees by searching online themselves.  This may work well for them for more junior levels but definitely not all.

What do you think ?

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