Is McBride a blessing in disguise to the Government?

As Head of Communications, Treasury and then PA to GB in the last government McBride was a whistleblower in his absolute element all in the name of assisting his boss into becoming Prime Minister, or so he says. No one apparently knew what he was doing including GB but my goodness how many people suffered as a result of his undercover stories and spin.  Families were broken, people made redundant and eventually he was fired without any compensation he said last night on Newsnight.   What a shame!   Now he has published a book about his despicable behaviour (his words) and hopes to turn the public around with his stories of “truth and transparency” whilst netting a minimum of £100,000.00 from his publisher.

He opted to publish on the eve of the Labour Party Conference on the basis that whatever damage he causes the public will forget by the time of the General Election in 2015.  Really?!  I somehow don’t think so.

I am an avid follower of politics but if this is what it is all about within the closed corridors in Whitehall is the whole of Government behaving like this just to win votes rather than look after the growth and development and safety of the country as well of course the poor and needy.  What a shame!

Where will the voters come from in 2015?

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