An Ode to Local Elections

Midterm local Elections are tomorrow
How many Tory votes will UKIP borrow
Cameron says this will make Labour stronger
And Milliband the red will stay a little longer.

But is Farage really a Tory in disguise
Tempting the Tory right he vies
To wake up our Dave in the night
Forcing him in to an election fight

Surely Dave does not want another coalition
Sending the LibDems into extradition
The thought of UKIP in the next joint deal
Would only confirm Farage’s appeal.

To oust Nick and his chums sound appealing
Out of business they go a reeling
Does that make Ed the Red even bigger
No let’s fight this with much vigour.

How will all of this affect our lives
In our pockets say all of our wives
As long as business starts to grow
The recruitment seeds we will sow.

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